Wicked Dark Magic

Wicked Dark Magic

A Paranormal Academy Romance

Series: Salem Academy Book 2

Coming June 2021!


An exorcist wrenched from the depths of the underworld. The strike team that brought him back. The aftermath we’re left cleaning up.

I’m Max. Salem Academy’s newest strike team member: budding witch, part-time demon slayer, and exorcist’s assistant.

We freed my mentor, Father Gabriel, from the clutches of demonic forces. He’s back, but definitely not right. Like terrifying forces of evil hiding in the depths of his soul not right.

My grandmother, Salem’s most powerful witch, is trying to kill me. She’s gone missing after the ritual that sent me to hell, and now the cops are sniffing around asking questions.

Oh, and the possessions wracking the city that they’re calling the Scourge of Boston? Ramping up hardcore.

And those are just half the problems I’m facing. Cocky Noah, the powerful witch that wouldn’t stop bullying me when I got here? Now, he can’t seem to get enough of me.

Erik, the lethal warrior I hooked up with and am definitely developing feelings for? Yeah, he’s also my brother’s best friend and Special Forces ops partner.

Guess who just walked back into my life? Micah, my half-brother, seems to think he can tell me what to do and who not to do. That’s fun to manage.

Then there’s Tristan, Salem Academy’s only fae. We’re closer than ever, but I still don’t know if I can trust him – especially when I learn he’s struggling against the call of his darker nature.

Magic, muscle, and deviance: that’s us. All we’ve got to do is cast out whatever’s possed Father Gabriel, figure out what the demons have in store next, and keep all of our personal stuff from exploding. All while convincing the police I didn’t murder my homicidal grandmother for an inheritance I don’t want.

Wicked Dark Magic is Book 2 in the reverse harem academy paranormal romance series “Salem Academy.” It’s a steamy, university-level academy series. Get ready for demon hunting tough girls, lethal warriors, and demonic possessions that’ll leave you afraid to turn out the lights. Scroll up and one-click to start your first day at Salem Academy! #WhyChoose

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